The dentist, a birthday & a wedding.



I spent the weekend just gone in my beloved Italy.
Let’s say it straight away, the dentist thing wasn’t planned and I got really upset cause I thought it would have ruined everything. My dental pain already ruined my last two weeks: I had to take lots of antibiotics and reschedule some days at work. Boring.
Anyway, I landed on Thursday evening and I begged my friends so hard to let me have a pizza for dinner. Mission accomplished, we had a wine aperitivo first (what a joy after all those pills!) and then a massive pizza. The next day my appointment was scheduled at 8.30 in the morning, and oh! I forgot to mention it was my birthday as well. Who is incredibly lucky? Me, of course.
Anyway the good news is that my dentist is a genius (please feel free to ask her number, she’s amazing!) and I didn’t feel any pain which means I got to spend my evening with my friends celebrating my 27th (shhhh!) birthday.
You know what they’ve done? They tricked me and started singing “Happy birthday” getting this cake out of nowhere!


How many friends do you know that would do it for you? Well, I know more than one…
It’s been a lovely evening, with all these friends making an effort to see me and spend maybe just an hour with me but still… Much appreciated, I couldn’t have dream something better for my 27th.
And then on Saturday (finally) the wedding!
You have to know that I booked my flight for the wedding in December and of course I knew that it was going to happen way before that. In these months me and my good friend that was going to get married spent so much time emailing each other with all the news about our lives and about all the details for the wedding. I had to buy 3 dresses to finally decide which one I was going to wear.
This is the result, ignore the silly selfie face…

The bride managed to keep her mouth shut about the dress and of course I was incredibly curious, but she looked lovely! Actually they both looked amazing!

After the ceremony at the church where the bride’s parents got married years ago, where I also had to read a passage of the Bible in front of everyone, we headed to this lovely restaurant located in a small village close to my hometown called Hotel Ristorante Sole. The restaurant’s speciality is fish. Of course, what do you expect from a restaurant facing the sea?
The reception was held close to the swimming pool area and it was really well organized. Now tell me that you’re not thinking that you’d love to jump in…


At this location they also decide to have the cut of the cake and some dancing later on.
The wedding lunch (that became a dinner at some point…) was nicely set up in the main dining area upstairs and it was all white and red themed. The lunch had two starter, two mains and what in Italy we call a “second” that usually is as important as the main. Now you can understand why I find so easy working at british weddings…


Anyway, at the end of the meal I thought I was about to explode. But some dancing around and some Limoncello made everything easier!
I will leave you with some lovely pics that I took during the wedding: I loved it and I am so happy I was part of it.
I am very proud of the bride which I have known for at least 10 years now.
Congrats my friend, you’re always the best!


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