#WeAreInPuglia: the beauty of the South of Italy in London.

I define myself pretty active on Twitter: I like to share, follow people with similar interests and get in touch with them as well. So one day it happened pretty randomly that I bumped into this guy who was promoting Puglia region on Twitter. Thanks to him, I discovered that they were doing a european tour to promote the tourism and the beautiful region located in the south of Italy.
If you are not familiar with the geography of Italy (which is fair enough, I mean maybe you never looked into it!) Google with help you for sure. You will find out that Puglia is the heel of that boot that is Italy.
You will find We Are In Puglia Road Show on the South bank riverside walk, with a big white marquee welcoming you.


Inside you’ll fine workshops about wine and oil, a short course teaching you how to make “orecchiette” and “taralli” (two of the many typical dishes from the South of Italy) and also you can take a virtual tour. The other activity that I discovered while I was visiting the marquee was that you can send postcards to anyone in the world. Basically they had a lot of postcards with beautiful pictures of Puglia and a massive box where you could just post yours. Then, from Italy, they will take care of the sending part. I got so excited that I sent two but I would have posted more if I would have had more addresses with me. I love postcards!

One of the locations that I loved the most about Puglia is the Salento. I spent all my summers there, met a lot of lovely people and discovered the most amazing places. Puglia for me is home and next year the most beautiful thing is gonna happen: one of my biggest friend is getting married! I am already so excited.

ImmagineAnother interesting aspect of the We Are in Puglia village is that almost every evening they have live popular music and a dj set.
On the evening I visited them, they were hosting this band called Terraròss.

ImmagineTheir beats were so good that everyone was dancing! I ended up buying their last record. Niiiice.
To know how they sound like, check this video out.
So, what are you waiting for? Visit them, you still have couple of days left!

For more info about Puglia click here
Follow them on twitter @WeAreInPuglia


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