It’s good to see you again, John Mayer.

In february I found out, thanks to this amazing app called Songkick, that John Mayer was going to be in town again. If you remember well, I went to his concert at Wembley arena in October 2013 (don’t worry if you don’t remember, read here!) and I loved it. So why not going back? This time, tho, I had this feeling that I couldn’t wait for someone to say “Oh hey I wanna come with you”, so I just bought one single ticket. For me, myself and I.
On monday night, after an office day, I went to The O2 Arena to enjoy the concert but before why not having some sushi? So pit stop at Wasabi, which is my favorite sushi takeaway chain so far.

I might have mentioned it before, but last year I worked for couple of months at the O2 as a merchandising assistant. I did it primarily cause I needed money and second because I loved the venue, but I never had the chance to see a concert in it.
So you know what? I was damn excited to be there!


The stage looked pretty simple compared to last time but John’s presence on it was enough. He, his voice and that guitar is what we all need.
This time he decided to sing songs from the old albums and couple of new songs. He also said that he’s writing a new album, what a great news.

The experience was great especially cause I was by myself. I wasn’t sure about going alone to a concert, but you know what? I loved it! It gave me the chance to really enjoy the atmosphere and I also decided to use my iPhone as less as possible, to maximize that good feeling of being part of something bigger and beautiful.
I leave you with the last video: the last song was “Dear Marie” and then he left. Of course we kept singing after that. The video starts from the moment he comes back on stage and then he sings “Gravity”: spectacular!

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