Londonicious #3: Sappho Meze Bar.

Last week my friend and I decided to go out for dinner cause his mom was around, so we thought it was the perfect occasion for some food and chats.
We weren’t sure about where to go and then finally he had an idea: Sappho Meze Bar.
I had never heard the word “Meze” before so I asked what kind of place it was and my friend told me it was a cozy Greek restaurant where they served small dishes of a bit of everything. Perfect, I loved the sound of that.
I also decided to Google the place, just to be on the safe side. I found out that apparently the place doesn’t have an official web site (and once that I walked in I understood why); the only thing I found was reviews, most of them positive.
The fact that the place wasn’t online that much (except the Facebook page) was actually a good thing: it made me more curious and willing to try.

Sappho Meze Bar is a small but cozy restaurant that you will probably ignore if you’re passing by. Or at least, that’s what would have happened if my friend didn’t suggested me the place. It was a friday night and it wasn’t that busy but we decided to book anyway.
The super nice (and only) waiter walked us to our table and brought us some wine and a small pre starter to share with olives and peppers. The only thing that he asked was if we were vegetarians or not, and if there was anything we couldn’t eat.
We are not vegetarians so we trusted our guy and went for the meat main.
At that point the real starter made its appearance and it looked like this:

ImmagineThere was something like 13 little plates with a bit of everything: tzatziki, moussaka, taramasalata, beetroot cream, potatoes, beans and so on. We had to ask the waiter what was what, to be on the safe side. Everything looked and tasted pretty amazing and we had to breathe a bit after eating all of this. Yes because we thought we were almost done and then is where the main arrived.
I didn’t manage to take a picture cause I was impressed by the quantity and quality of the food: chicken, pork and lamb with salad and rice and lentils.
The owner of the place came to our table to check on us and then went back to the kitchen. Apparently, not long time ago he had a kitchen helper so he could go around the tables and talk to guests and give small “philosophical advices”. I am quite sad I missed this part but the whole experience was lovely: it felt like being at home.
So if you’re around Clapham High Street/Clapham North jump in and experience the Greek Maze, it’s totally worth it!

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