About beautiful people.

This story is about beautiful people, those you accidentally meet in your life.  Once upon a time, a girl that was about to be 21 moved to Germany. The fact that she moved to Germany was totally random, in fact she applied for Copenhagen (who knows why) and Vaasa in Finland (I know, that’s even worse). Her good friend was moving to Germany to study so she thought “Hey, let me see if there’s still one spot for me over there” and yes, there was one. So the two girls moved to Erfurt, this not so big east German city, with a lovely river and a lovely bridge. In fact, the whole city was lovely. In one of the first parties the girls had over there, they met this two other girls from Greece and got along pretty quickly. It seemed they had a lot in common and they liked each other very much. It happened that in the six months that the girls spent in Germany, they also met the boyfriend of one of the greek girls and traveled a bit together. They were a couple since years and you could tell they loved each other very much (yes, they are still together!). The time to be together in Germany was almost over, and of course there was a promise to keep in touch, to see each other again: after all Italy and Greece are not so far away, are they? So me and my friend moved back to Italy and our friend moved back to Greece. As you all know, sometimes life is more unpredictable than expected. So we kept studying, found a job, move to other countries, emailed each other in the meantime saying how much we missed each other. And then one day I moved to London, which seems easier to reach. And another day I got an email saying my greek friend was coming to London to visit. It was May last year and we arranged to see each other for dinner but then a really surprising thing happened: I met her randomly in Leicester Square, where the whole humanity is usually walking around. Destiny, or how you want to call it. Seeing her after 5 years it’s been amazing. The feeling of “we’ve never been apart” was pretty strong. We had a beautiful time together, catching up with our lives and her lovely boyfriend took the most amazing picture of us at Tower Bridge. He is a professional photographer (here the details, in case you’ll be around Crete anytime soon) and I remember him letting me his super professional camera when we were in Germany, when I was just approaching the photography world. This whole post is to say that amazing people are still out there and I am sure each one of us met some of them at some point. I met this couple and a lot of other people, and I want to say thank you to all of them for being part of my life, even if it was just for couple of minutes back in the years. No matter how far away we live, how many emails we send to each other during one year or how often we physically see each other: all the beautiful people I met in my lifetime made me a better person, and so will those I still have to meet.  akelaidis.com-4 akelaidis.com-7 akelaidis.com-8All the above pictures are taken by Antonis Kelaidis (or his FB page) so they’re under his copyright. Do not use them without permission. 

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