Londonicious #1: the best Pizza in town.

I have recently decided that I need to put more effort in the things I love. Somehow I have been really lazy in the last months, so I feel it is time to change it.
There is going to be a new section in this blog called Londonicious, from the mix between London (really?) and delicious. Because I like delicious things.
In this section you will find my personal opinions about general stuff that concerns London: restaurants, places to visit, parks, market, things to do at least once and so on.

Let’s start then: we are today talking about the best pizza in town.


Forget Pizza Hut, Domino and all those crappy imitations: the place to be is called Franco Manca. As the website says, “the pizza is made from slow-rising sourdough (minimum 20 hours) and is baked in a wood burning “tufae” brick oven made on site by specialised artisans from Naples[…]”
The pizza is the closest one to the one I have every time I go back home: it’s definitely made in true italian style.
Not sure I do remember the first time I went to Franco Manca in Brixton, but it might have been with my ex housemates, from Naples. I was shocked to have found such a great pizza.
You can choose from 6 types of pizza and also add more toppings if you like. The vegetables are seasonal and on the back of the menu you can see where they’re from.
Franco Manca has 7 restaurant across London, the one I am used to is located inside the Brixton market. It’s not that big, they don’t do reservations, so be prepared to a queue. The good news is that while you’re waiting, you can have one of their beers called “No Logo”, quite nice. Also, the queue should’t take too long: it really takes less than expected, somehow. And then, be sure not to be one of those annoying customers that stay at the table talking for hours after dinner. It just not nice, because you can actually see the queue so you feel bad enough to eat and go and leave your seat to someone else.
When good things are around is better to share it, don’t you think?



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