Always running, hopefully in the right direction!

I am always trying to do my best and to keep the blog updated and I always say to myself that I really want to write more often, at least more often than once every 15 days. Then, for unfortunate circumstances I always end up not doing what I promised to myself.
Well, here we are, trying to summarize me last 20 days in this crazy city.
I had a friend visiting couple of weeks ago and we had a really nice (and not too touristic) weekend. I decided to go to one of my favorite spots in London, which is Greenwich. It was quite chilly but still really enjoyable. We wondered around the park and we had lunch at the market, where we discovered the best Salmon Teriyaki in town, for £6.
Months before my friend decided to visit me, I bought some rugby tickets for a Wembley match, just a national match between Saracens and Harlequins. I had the chance to see Harlequins last year at Twickenham and I really wanted to see Wembley from the inside this time, since that when I am working there I don’t really have time to go and have a look.
It was a really sunny day..


foto 1

foto 2

So it ended with the Saracens victory, and looks like it’s a good thing cause Wembley is “the home of Saracens”.
Being there with other 83.889 people and feeling like a part of a big team was awesome.
So after this nice weekend, back to work in preparation for another friend that was supposed to visit, but as we all know, I am not that lucky sometimes. She was stuck in Italy by high fever and she couldn’t come. Guess how I spent my weekend? Working… Well, what can I do?
I am now counting the days… on saturday I will be in Italy for one week and I literally can’t wait. There are so many things to do, people to see, parents and family to hug. So exciting.
So, I cannot promise to update my blog from Italy but I will for sure put some effort in at least trying!

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