When they say that what comes around, goes around…

… well, it’s true. At least, it’s always been true in my life. 
Every single time. 
It’s a little bit like believing in karma. I do believe in it and I totally agree when they say that what you do in this life, will count in the next one. So what you’ve done in your last life is influencing this life. Do some good stuff and some good stuff will come back to you. 
Unfortunately it is true also for the bad actions that you decide to make. 
What matters is that in life, don’t know how, at some point everything’s in place.
Some more exciting things happened in this month like having finally my floor manager training which means that I can start working as one at Wembley Stadium. How exciting is that? I was waiting for this moment since forever and I have to say that the suit really fits me well. 
Now, there’s still a lot to learn and more training to do before being able to manage any other events in any other venue, but well at least I am on the right path for it! 
It happened a couple of weeks ago and at the beginning I couldn’t even believe that. But then, I realized that my goal was to be trained by September 2014 and I actually managed to do that in March. So well done to me
And the weather in London is been amazing since one week now. What will be the price to pay? I have some memories about a pretty cold and rainy May last year. 
Anyway, until is sunny I am enjoying it and I am really putting some effort in spending my free time in the backyard. 


Anyone fancy some wine? 


I will keep you posted with some news from Italy, where I am going to be from the 5th till the 11th of April. Can’t wait! 

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