About that time when famous singers were doing the soundcheck and I was setting up tables.

It happened last night.
We were setting up tables, like 105 tables, and these guys were doing the soundcheck. I cannot really say what was going on, but sometimes we found ourselves in the situation where famous people are just going around and you don’t even realize it. And you know what? They all look pretty normal to me. Common people, that if you meet them in normal clothes, without make up, you don’t even know who they are. To be honest, last night a recognized some of these guys just because I knew the songs.
But yes, my job sometimes is great fun: I have the chance to see amazing venues and to be involved in great events. It’s true that sometimes it is pure waitressing and I am not hiding it, but most of the times it is not “just” that. We do much more: we deliver a great service, we are part of the whole thing and without us most of the times the event wouldn’t be that perfect.
So yes, I am really lucky. The only thing that I am missing now it’s to be a manager. And I know I will get there at some point, just because I know I have what it takes to be one.
Then, let’s keep working hard and hope for the best!
Stay tuned.

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