Day trip to Bristol.

Last Wednesday I woke up thinking that it was about time to explore this country, so I booked my bus tickets to Bristol, where a friend of mine moved couple of months ago. On Thursday morning, nice and early, I started my 2 hours and 30 minutes bus ride to Bristol knowing that I had only one day to visit it.


And it was surprisingly sunny (even if it was raining while it was sunny)! The day before in London it was so cold and it’s been raining in the country since days now, causing several problems in the countryside. But hey Bristol, you definitely did your best for me.

I spend my day walking around, bumping into a lot of nice coffee shops (something that I feel I am missing in London…) and bread shops. We stopped in this small cafe, where you could also do your laundry while drinking a tea. Isn’t it genius? I feel I want to open a place like this one day, where you feel comfy and at home.
We kept walking in this main street surrounded by graffiti on the walls (as you may have realized, I am not good with the names of the places where I have been… I was so relaxed and enjoying my day trip that I forgot to take notes).


foto 2

foto 1 (1)

We kept walking around bumping into the city centre, where I realized there is a lot of water. Not just the river, but also a lot of fountains. The city must be beautiful in spring time.

foto 3

foto 2 (1)

The Bristol Cathedral was also really beautiful and (surprisingly!) we didn’t had to pay to get in. It’s not like London. And you can tell the difference with the London prices for drinks and food as well.


But there was one place where I really wanted to go… the Clifton suspension Bridge. I googled it before leaving and I was really impressed by the pictures. The bridge was opened in 1864 and you can find more info about it here. It is really amazing and I was actually wondering how it was built and also, it seems pretty tight too.


foto (1)

The view from up the hill was amazing but I have to say that it was pretty cold too.
Anyway, my first actual experience outside of London was totally worth it and made me realize that I need to do these kind of things more often!

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