Cirque du Soleil in town.

After the busy Christmas season in the office, I started working just on site again from January and since the Cirque du Soleil was starting its performances at the Royal Albert Hall, the venue asked for couple more stewards for the event.
So at the beginning of January, after a two days training session, we started working at the shows. The job is mainly greeting clients and helping them out with directions and practical info about the Hall. It’s a really nice job and every steward or head steward is so nice to us, even if we actually come from an agency. But we are not treated differently, it feels like we are part of the family.
We never really had the chance to see the show because we were too busy or we wouldn’t really want to ask.
But last night, our supervisor told us that if we wanted, after the shift, we could go up to the Gallery and see the second part. What a gift! 
So if you don’t know anything about Royal Albert Hall, it’s an absolutely amazing venue opened by Queen Victoria in 1871. One of the things you’ll first see when you’re inside the Hall is the sound system hanging from the roof: the acoustic diffusing discs are also known as “mushrooms” or “flying saucers”.


My first time at the Hall was in April 2013, when Ligabue came in town and we decided to go to his concert. Amazing and the sound system is really great. My second time in the venue was for work, we had a massive dinner in the arena, stalls, loggia boxes… we had tables basically everywhere in the venue! It was a really long and tiring day, but a really nice experience.

As you may know, Cirque du Soleil offers a wide range of different shows around the world. The one that they brought in London this time is called “Quidam”.
I literally didn’t know anything about them: I knew they were famous, I knew they were performing all around the world but that’s it. So last night I went up to the Gallery and I didn’t know what to expect.
Well, my reaction was that I couldn’t keep my mouth shout for the surprise. They are amazing acrobats! A lot of jumping on each other, hanging on ropes, people contortion… but also funny moments with random people from the public on stage (one of those things that I hope will never happen to me!).
Having the chance to see the Hall from the Gallery during the performance was unbelievable. That place is magic. 
So if you are in London, why don’t you give it a try? You can still find tickets here or here. The Cirque is in town till the 16th of February!

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