I wish you all “the time of your lives”.

One of the things I’ve learned so far about London is that people are coming and going and for this reason, I’ve already been to a lot of leaving parties.
Tonight it was time to say goodbye to a friend that I met at work, during a cold december 2012 on my way to Ascot.
The story is pretty simple, she fell in love with this Argentinian tango dancer and she is leaving to go back there. Nice and easy, uh?
And that’s another thing that I found out: love is easy.
You will say that having your beloved ones on the other side of the world is definitely not easy. And I will answer that you guys are right, but I will also say that love is what makes the world moving and sometimes people just can’t see it.
If it is complicated, and it is not working, and it makes you feel not loved and guilty for things you didn’t do, and there’s people shouting and you cry a lot, well that it is not love at all. That is just bullshit.
It’s way more easier: you like each other, then you just say it. You want to beat time and space and travel around the world to see each other again, then you just book a flight.
And if it is meant to be it will work, believe me.
In the past months my love life is not being easy (well, has it ever been easy?) and I totally forgot one unbelievably important thing: we cannot control things, not all of them at least. And we have to let go. Because there is something more powerful than us that decides.
Call it as you wish, I am not having a religious lesson here.

So tonight when I said goodbye to my friend I realize two things:
1. I am incredibly proud of myself for letting things go and living my life as it happens, without trying to control it;
2. And, I could see the sparkle in her eyes and it remembered me that I was like her once, when I a moved to Australia for a boy.
That is been “the time of my life”, and I am sure she will have hers.

Love is an incredible power that drives us through unexpected paths.
No one knows where it will bring you, but it is usually worth it.

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