It’s a New Year, not a new me.

I am still the same: food lover, people hater and travels lover. Well, nobody’s perfect. Not me for sure.
This year I spent my NYE working. Never happened before, but it was worth it. The money, first and then the view. We were on a boat in the middle of the river Thames, and I also managed to see the last two minutes of fireworks.
Because, if you ask me, at midnight I was stuck in the kitchen helping the chefs out. Should I consider it a sign? Maybe.
Rather than this, London Life is been quite boring. I know, I am complaining when I am working too much and I am stressed and I am also complaining when there’s not enough work to do. What can I do, always the same.
And honestly I might be a little bit tired of London. Maybe. Maybe yes, maybe no. Who knows?
I am curious to know what’s next, because this is not enough. And sometimes I feel like is not worth it.
Working a lot, for never enough money, to be stressed and not having time to do anything else. And we don’t wanna talk about relationships because London is an impossible city for those. At least, for me it has been impossible.
And let’s say it: maybe I am not fitting well with british boys, I am way too italian. Just because I talk about my feelings, about what I think and stuff like that. They are not like me. And there’s nothing I can do about it.
As I said, nobody’s perfect. But still, sometimes we can make some efforts if we are interested.
So yeah, London is tiring me and I feel like I need to have a plan soon because there’s something that is not working properly.
That’s all for now,
keep in touch!

AND… Happy New Year!

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