Family traditions: what makes Christmas so special somehow.

It’s the day before Christmas and, as always, I am going to spend it with my family. My big family. We always see each other on the 24th, no matter what. 
When we were kids, all the uncles and aunts used to give presents to every niece or nephew and that was great fun. But at that time we weren’t that many. Then, the family became bigger and we ended up with 18 nephews and nieces. Yes, my grandma had 8 kids. Almost every son/daughter of my grandma had at least 2 children. Except for one family, they just only had one daughter and another family that actually had 5 children. Well, you know, we are from the south of Italy, what do you expect? So we are 18, plus 8 aunts and 7 uncles and then, grandchildren (4 in total). So do your math! 
This year, though, it will be different: this will be the first Christmas without my grandmother. She passed away in march and we are not used to celebrate without her. 
She was the one passing this tradition to us and it will be really weird not having her there. 
This is why we should keep bringing the tradition on, have some beers, some food prepared by all of us, signing Christmas carols in front of the nativity scene and kissing each other after wishing Merry Christmas to each other. 
I have to say that I am not sure these traditions will last in the next years, but I hope we will try our best. And if it’s not gonna work, well it means that when I am going to have my own family, I will try to pass them on. 
On the 25th we always have a big lunch. At the beginning, it was back at my grandma’s place but since my dad got sick, we cannot do it anymore. So we decided to have a nice lunch our place: my mum starts cooking some days in advance so then on the 25th everything’s ready. 
The menu is always the same, but it’s so tasty and it makes me feel so “at home”
And then, last but not least, the tradition that I have with my friends since some years: we meet tonight before seeing our families, and we drink some wine or spritz (typical drinks over here) so dealing with our families it’s easier. 🙂

I hope you guys are going to celebrate Christmas in the best possible way and I hope everything will be as good as you imagined it. Merry Christmas and enjoy your families (at least for this time!)

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