You Ready? It’s Movember!

And this year I am officially a Mo Sista!


I love mustache. I just do. And I also love all the things related to mustache. That’s why I have mo earrings, blanket and yes… a PJs too! After all, I am the only one sleeping with myself so I feel totally confident.
This year, a friend of mine from University decided to create a group on the official Movember website and so I thought, shy not to join? I have to say that I am now part of the Movember Switzerland section because my friend lives there and the donations can be made in Swiss Franc but… we are in 2013 and I am sure we all know how to use Google to convert money from Pound or Euro to Swiss Franc.  Come on people, you can do it. 
And, it’s for a good cause (as well as unbelievably fascinating). Here my personal page, and here all the info about the movement. Just a reminder, at the top of the page on the right hand side you can change language so don’t be too scared.
And of course, most important, here the donation page!

In the meantime, the rugby season is started again as well as the international matches. That’s why today I was working a Twickenham and I have to say that I missed it. The place has something that fascinate me. I am definitely in love with it and I can’t wait to be there back, but seeing a match next time would be better.
Talking about tickets, there is NO WAY that the tickets for the NBA match in January 2014 are already sold out. Oh well, yeah they are sold out and I wanna cry. If I really wanna see the game, looks like I have to spend a lot of money on those website that are reselling the tickets. I hate you all.
Right, I will think about it and I have this feeling that I am gonna do it.


I will see you soon, my friend. 

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