And then, you just miss it.

Because we are humans and we have feelings. Even if I like to pretend that I don’t. Well, I will upset you all saying that I do have feelings and those feelings make me feel alive. Sometimes just “nostalgic alive”. But nostalgia goes away as it comes. 
This was a great weekend back home: they had the biggest regatta in the Mediterranean. And if you want to read more, have a look here (woah, we are famous!). This was the second year that I missed it. 

I have pretty good memories about the previous editions: me and my friends, partying all the weekend, with really terrible hangovers. And waking up the sunday morning to actually see the regatta was always challenging. But great fun. 
Two years ago I finally found the best spot to take great pictures. 


To see all the pictures taken that weekend, go to my flickr page and have a look at it. It was unbelievably beautiful
Sometimes it is just the way it is: you wake up, miss home, talk to the family on Skype, miss home more and then go to bed and hope the next day will be better, trying to remember that after all, the decision to move to another country to follow my dreams and have a better future was only mine. So here we gooooo. 

In the meantime, Christmas is closer and closer. Which is good because it means that I will go home for a few days but it’s not that good because in a sort of way i HATE it. Not really, but honestly it’s not my favorite. And today in one of the biggest shopping centre in London I have already seen Christmas trees and lights. Kill me now. 

And in the next weeks, I have some friends visiting! YAY! Which means: back to having a social life! I really really can’t wait. 
So keep tuned, a lot is yet to come. 

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