Better late than ever: how busy is this London Life?

I know, I didn’t put enough effort in my blog lately.
And this happened for several reasons:
– too much work

– too much work

and yeah: I was busy in booking my next trip. YAY!

So first of all, I am going back to Berlin in November!
I don’t even remember the last time I was in Berlin. Was it 2009? Yeah I think so. Well, I have more than one friend there and since one of them is moving back in the US, I guess this is the right time to do it. And plus, I am sick of waiting the “right time”, every time. If I wanna do something I will just make sure that I am doing it.
The “right time” doesn’t exist. 

And then work, in the office and on site.
I have realized that I am not “just” an office person. I need to go on site, talk to people, spend time in having conversations and socializing with them. And every time I am going on site, I can feel that feeling, the one that makes me realize that i wanna work in the event industry: I just know that I am following the right way.
I still don’t know what’s gonna happen next or how long is it going to take, but I know it will happen.

A topic that I am not so sure about, is “guys”. Well, they just doesn’t make any sense to me.
As a good friend of mine says, things should be easy. Well, it’s never been easy for me. I had guys that left to go on the other side of the world (where I followed them), guys that loved me but I wasn’t on the same path, way too younger guys that didn’t really understand what was going on, and just… weirdos, basically.
I know, it’s also my fault if I had these stories because I was kind of looking for complicated things. But now I am just tired. Incredibly tired and bored.
I think it’s time to buy a cat. Or more than one.

In the meantime, autumn is in town. 


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