About new houses and … it’s been one year!

Yes, it’s already been one year since I moved to London. Unbelievable. But the time flies in this city so I am not that upset about my first anniversary.
If I think about it, about where I was last year and what I am doing right now, I’ll say that I am doing pretty well.
I have a job that I like and I am following a road that sometimes is hard to follow but I hope it will bring me where I wanna go: in the event industry. And I feel like I already have a foot in it.

And then there is my new house. It took me a little bit to find it and I am not really used to it.
The process of moving all my staff was pretty in a rush and didn’t let me thing about it. But today I finally put everything in place in my room and now it looks like a normal room. Which is amazing.
I wanted to stay in the South of London, they say that either you love the North or the South. I loved the South and looks like I also have a passion for dodgy areas. After all, you are reading a blog of a girl that went to NY and slept in the Bronx.
So for one year I lived in Elephant & Castle which is not that bad at all: super well connected to the city centre and really close to it. Lot of shops and a great 24/7 shop that has pretty much everything that you might need. Also, Elephant was pretty well connected to Brixton, where I had some good nights out.
Now, where the hell do you want me to be at this point? Peckham of course.
For people that are not familiar with London areas, basically it’s southern than Elephant & Castle and has less bus connections but it has the Overground two minutes away. Which I am not sure it’s a great thing: there are something like 4 trains per hour and in the London scene is not enough at all. But, the Overground brings me first, to work and second to Clapham Junction which is a pretty cool area to have a drink or two. I have some kind of memories… well, I don’t remember it that well but looks like I had a pretty awesome night once.

So this is it: I am now officially living in Peckham. And I like it so far.
– more pictures to follow.

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