House Hunting: here we go again.

Basically it’s that time of the year again: looking for a new place to stay. 
I remember last year, I was just moving to London and I was hosted by a friend in Fulham Broadway, which would be a useful place now that I work in Parsons Green (if you’re not familiar with these names, I am talking about the West End). After few terrible places I finally found my place: the house where I am now. It’s been one year and a lot has changed so it is time to start a new adventure and find a new place, which is kind of exciting and terrifying at the same time. 
I have seen three places so far: a room in a Victorian House that was way to expensive for the location, a creepy apartment in a tall and ugly building and then, the Perfect Place. 
The Perfect Place is located not that far from where I live now and it’s a lovely apartment with other three girls. It is super clean, super wonderful and I want it so bad, even if the room is not that big. But it has a cozy living room and a modern kitchen that are totally worth it. The only thing is that they have to decide if they want me as a housemate. 
I was already enthusiast and I wanted to shout something like “YES I WANNA MOVE HERE NOW”. But the lovely landlord, who lives there, said they have to see other people and then decide all together. Which is fair enough but still depressing fro my point of view. I mean, finding a place in London is a nightmare. Seriously. And once that you found it… well, you still have to wait to know if it’s gonna be yours or not. 
In the meantime, I have to keep going on viewings and hope that something will happen. 

So yeah, it’s been busy recently. As always, plus the house hunting. I just hope to find the right place for me, soon enough to do other stuff and start thinking about other projects.
But have a look with what I had to deal the other night… 


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