Burgess Park, where the “project diet” starts.

Well, after being in Italy for so long I have decided it’s time. Diet time.
I don’t feel comfortable in calling it “diet” so we are just gonna say that I am trying to have a healthy lifestyle in London. Which, is hard.
The food is the first problem, not because you cannot find healthy food but because they don’t have any taste. So add some oil and it’s not that healthy anymore. This is just sad food. But I am trying my best, cooking any kind of fish, salad, vegetable, noodles (I did it today for the first time and I have to say they were quite tasty, yay!)
And then, I need to do some physical activities but since I am too lazy and poor to go to the gym, I have decided to walk (fast). So I found out there is a beautiful park just 10 minutes away. The park is called Burgess and it’s just at half way between Elephant & Castle and Camberwell Green. It’s HUGE and I really didn’t expect that.
It is that huge that it has a massive lake in the middle. And also tennis court, table tennis places, BBQ stations and gym stations. Surprisingly in the park you can also find a brand new BMX track. Amazing!
So everyday, me and my iPod go to the park for one hour.
I sincerely don’t know for how long I will be able to keep going with this “project”, but since now I am having some free time and it is not THAT cold, I should better keep doing it. So yay! Let’s say the objective is to have a healthy lifestyle rather than just lose weight.

Here some pictures of the very nice Burgess park. If you’re in the neighborhood, have a walk around and maybe a BBQ.



image (2)

image (1)

image (3)

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