New adventures from Italy (and other places).

Well, that’s me of course. And just in case you are wondering (as some of my friends), I do have a swimsuit.
I have some good friends with a sailing boat so we organized a chilling Sunday on the boat in the middle of the sea. One of the things that I am missing the most since I moved to London is the sea and being there in the middle of it that Sunday was amazing. It filled my heart of peace and happiness.

Before that, I decided to go to Croatia. My brother goes camping there with his family (and my lovely nieces!) every weekend during the summertime so that was a perfect occasion for me to go around a little bit. I took my car and drove for about one hour and a half and then I arrived close to Porec. While driving, there was a beautiful landscape all around and I almost wanted to stop to take some pictures, but instead I did it while driving. I know, not safe.

Between the boat trip with my friends, the Croatian trip to see my family and the short weekend in Lignano, where I met my good Friend with who I spent a long time at Uni and around the world, I also had the time to go to the beach in my hometown. The weather was perfect and the water not so cold, perfect for a dive in.
Next week I will be back in London and I have to say that, even if in Italy sometimes is TOO hot, I will miss this.
But, as always, all the good things come to an end as I learned a long time ago, when I was saying goodbye to my lovely friends from all around the world that I met in Germany.

Stay tuned, for new exciting adventures!

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